This is not a list of the sources used in writing these articles.
For individual references for each article, see the list at the end of each article.

How to reference or cite all articles on this site in a bibliography.

Johnson, R.T. “Curt Flood and Free Agency: The End of the Reserve Clause.” January 17, 2011. <> (accessed August 17, 2012).

There are three articles written by students in the archives.

Hamrick, A. “The Haymarket Riot: Impeding to the Labor Movement.” July, 19, 2012. <>  (accessed January 19, 2013).

Giebel, D. “Shoeless Joe: It’s All in the Numbers.” June 19, 2012. < > (accessed January 19, 2013).

Leffelman, L. “Title IX: Changing Education.” May 3, 2013. <>. (Accessed May 5, 2013).

14 thoughts on “Referencing

  1. I am trying to cite this website for a history project but I am not able to access all of the information needed. I need the:

    Publisher of site:
    Date of e-publication:

    I believe that is it, thank you for you information to help me with my essay 🙂

  2. Al the information you requested is listed above in the example including the author. There is no publisher. You will have to look at the article to find the date. It is posted right underneath the title of the article.

  3. I am doing a history project on Curt Flood. I read your article on him and would like to know if I could possibly ask a few questions via email or phone. Or if you have any other information on who I could contact that would be great. Thanks.

  4. I’m really interested in how you rearranged your US history course to fit so much of modern history into the class. Do you have a syllabus or curriculum map or website I could check out to see how you made these changes?

  5. I could not find any references on the bottom of your article on comic books during World War II. I am writing an essay for school and would like to know where your information came from.

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