A Chapter is Born

In the past two years, I have co-written two chapters for two books on history education. p50c79971ddd87Well, the first one is out! It is a much more formal style of writing than what is written here on the blog. Here is the link to the book’s website: http://www.infoagepub.com/products/Educating-About-Social-Issues-in-the-20th-and-21st-Centuries-Vol-2.

The chapter I co-wrote, The Vietnam War: Dilemmas of Power, is about teaching the social issues surrounding the Vietnam War at home and abroad. It is an annotated bibliography. My co-author is Mary Beth Henning of Northern Illinois University.

The second chapter I co-wrote, by the same publisher, will be out in the spring, and is about teaching history through the integration of literature.